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The Tokio

The Tokio is a stylish LED-powered desktop lamp. The LED is made to be flicker-free, thus designed to reduce eye disturbance while reading or working. The Tokio lamp has four preset modes for working, reading, sleeping, and relaxing. Each preset has a unique level of brightness and colour temperature that best suits what you are doing. The LED bulb is made to last and comes with a 2-Year warranty.

The Tokio also comes with a built-in USB port. It is a lightweight and easily-portable device that suits any office or home. 

Ideal Uses

The Innosol Tokio is very versatile as it has four preset modes. This can be used as a desktop lamp ideal for working and reading. You can get your treatment while you work at your desk! Simply change the mode for the required amount of time to receive your light therapy treatment and change back to one of the other settings after.

Technical Specifications

  • Weight: 2 kg
  • Height: 50 cm
  • Width: 18 cm
  • Depth: 18 cm
  • Light source: 10w fluorescent bulbs, with dimmer


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