Aware Mental Health Week 2021

Aware Mental Health Week begins on Monday, October 4th, and ends on World Mental Health Day, Sunday, October 10th. This public awareness campaign aims to raise public knowledge about depression, provide hope, and encourage people to seek help. Resources are available as well to provide clinical expertise - to educate the public on the causes, course, and effects of depression.
Although depression is a prevalent ailment, many people are unaware of the signs or the devastating effects it may have on people's life. Anyone can be affected, regardless of age, gender, or background. Recovery is feasible, but early detection, support, and continued management of the illness are essential for a positive outcome.
It is important to maintain communication with loved ones. Even if you (or they) are alone, this is true. Even if we are only a phone call or a zoom call away from someone, taking the time to write and mail a note to someone we care about can mean more to them than we will ever know.
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