About Us

Brighter Day is a premium distributor of Light Therapy products to all of Ireland. We are the sole Irish distributor of the Innosol range of products. We also supply dawn simulators, or body clocks as they are known to help with sleep quality and can help users to wake up feeling energised. Our products are stylish, efficient and effective in their use, and provide a minimalist solution to a common problem.

Brighter Day was established in October 2007. There was very little information out there on Light Therapy at the time, as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), as well as the other conditions associated with a lack of natural light, were relatively unknown.

Like many people in Ireland, we found that the dark evenings and lack of natural daylight usually left people feeling tired, lethargic and lacking energy, especially in the winter months. We had heard of light therapy, so we began our search for a suitable light therapy unit. We eventually sourced one from Finland. We carried out some tests, and within a week users began to feel a lot more energetic and full of life again.

We now provide some of the most efficient and effective Light Therapy devices on the market. If there are any products that you have been unable to find, or if you have any questions on light therapy, please email us at info@brighterday.ie or call us on 01 5654619.