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The Aurora

The Innosol Aurora is a modern and stylish bright light therapy lamp perfectly suited for the home or office environment. Its minimalist and elegant design provide discreet yet powerful treatment.

The durable Innosol Aurora can be easily moved around on its support stand. The use of the dimmer means that it can be utilised both as an interior design lamp and a bright light therapy lamp.

Ideal Uses

This lamp is very versatile due to its ability to be dimmed. This lamp can be used as a normal light throughout the house. For treatments, we recommend The Innosol Aurora is best used on countertops when preparing food, reading or working. It can also be used as an interior design lamp for use anywhere in your home or office when not being used for light therapy.

Technical Specifications

  • Weight: 2.2 kg
  • Height: 63 cm
  • Width: 20 cm
  • Depth: 20 cm
  • Light source: 2 x 36w flourescent bulbs, with dimmer

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