Businesses & SAD

Seasonal Affective Disorder is a depressive disorder, most commonly treated with light therapy, medication, and psychotherapy. But the use of light therapy can reduce the initial effects of mild depression and provide a general good feeling for anyone that uses the SAD lamps. The use of SAD lamps has been used in companies in the Nordic regions for many years. Employers that value their employee's wellbeing can significantly contribute to their mental health as well as benefit from increased productivity and creativity.

During the winter months, seasonal change can threaten happiness, health, teamwork and productivity in the workplace. To add to this effect of darker days and reduced natural light, the current pandemic has added a new challenge with employees working from their homes, shared accommodation and in some cases from their bedrooms.

Happiness, mental wellbeing and engagement are essential building blocks when growing and maintaining a successful business. Progressive employers invest time, money, and energy keeping their employees happy and healthy. A happy workforce has over 30% higher productivity, lower absenteeism, and better creativity than unhappy employees.

The shorter days in Ireland at this time of year affect people in different levels of severity. Most people can feel slightly negative when starting their working day, but over 10% could suffer from a mild depression called winter blues, a medically recognised version of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder).

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